FAQ - Important Hints

Introduction to Working with WebGenesis®

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In order to be able to work with WebGenesis® (in the authoring environment) you will need a JavaScript conformant Browser. At least

Firefox 18.0.1,
Internet-Explorer 10.0,
Opera 12.14

may be used). Otherwise you may have problems in accessing necessary JavaScript functionality.

JavaScript Settings in your Browser

JavaScript must be activated in your Browser!


On Netscape JavaScript can be activated at:
Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced

Netscape: activate JavaScript


On Internet Explorer JavaScript can be activated at:
Extras -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level... -> Active Scripting

Internet Explorer: activate JavaScript

Internet Explorer: activate JavaScript


You have to configure your Browser to accept Cookies in order to be able to work with the authoring environment of WebGenesis®. If this is not in agreement with security policies at your Institution you may need to consult your system administrator.
Since settings for the acceptance of Cookies seems to change with every Browser version, please consult your system administrator as to where to find this feature on the version you are using.


On newer Netscape versions the acceptance of Cookies can be activated at:
Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies

Netscape: Cookies Options


On Internet Explorer 6.x you find Cookie Options at:
Extras -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level... -> Cookies

Internet Explorer:

After you have stored your settings please perform a "Reload" of the present page. You should be able to see the correct/modified page.


If you do not see a Login link/button on the left-hand index area, then probably your display is set to a low resolution (e.g. 800x600 Pixel). The browser may not have enough room to show the whole Index Frame and the lower links/buttons are therefore not visible. In this case you may have to scroll down. If this possibility is not provided, try setting your display to a higher resolution (e.g. 1024x768 Pixel). With lower resolutions you may not be able to take advantage of accesory browser windows like the navigator and the thesaurus.

Changing your Password

After you have logged in, you are inside the authoring environment and have access to the WebGenesis®-specific functions. When you log in for the first time please change your password at:
User -> User Settings -> Modify Password

Access Rights

Depending on your access rights for the present Entry (the one presently displayed) you may be able to access all, some or none of the functions offered by the authoring environment (functions not accessible to you are greyed out).

Please wait till the authoring environment has finished loading, otherwise you may not be able to access its functions (on Netscape Navigator resizing your Browser window may cause the Authoring Environment functions to be greyed out or even to disappear completely. In this case you will have to perform a reload of your page).

You automatically have "Full Access" to Entries belonging to you. This includes granting Access Rights (even hand over your Entry) to other users at:
Edit -> Access Rights